Climate Change and Security at the Crossroads
Pathways to Conflict or Cooperation?

How to reach the conference venue

Detailed information on how to reach the conference venue at the University of Agder can be found here.


Conference program

The conference program is now online. Please follow this link to access the program.


Conference registration

Conference registration is now open. Please follow this link to register for the conference.



Research context of this conference

Research on the security implications of climate change has so far been inconclusive. While some studies have focused on direct climate change impacts or large-n statistical analyses, other studies based on anecdotal and case study evidence are making generalizations difficult. Moreover, the temporal and spatial scales of climate science and human-climate interactions remain divergent despite recent advances to bridge the gap between these two realms of climate change impact assessment. This conference aims at bringing together researchers from different disciplines and world regions to explore the pathways from climate change to conflict and cooperation. One focus is to analyze key causal chains utilizing theory, field research, and data-driven studies.

The conference aims at:  

(1)     bringing together field work and large-n studies
(2)     accounting for the complexity of climate security linkages by discussing the key pathways and feedbacks between climate change and security
(3)     facilitating a debate on climate wars versus climate peace
(4)     identifying data gaps, methods, and vulnerable regions based on an integrated framework

The conference will be organized along the following conference themes:

(1)     water security
(2)     food security
(3)     disasters and security
(4)     migration and security
(5)     integrating themes (climate change adaptation, mitigation, climate-engineering)


Date of the conference

June 20-21, 2013


Conference proceedings

It is intended to publish a selection of the submitted papers in a special journal issue or an edited volume.


Conference venue

University of Agder


Important dates

November 30, 2012: Deadline to submit an abstract

December 17, 2012: Extended deadline to submit an abstract

May 17, 2013: Deadline to submit draft papers

June 05, 2013: Extended deadline to submit draft papers

June 20, 2013: See you all in Kristiansand!

Download the call for papers.



Please send your abstract by eMail to climatesecurity@we dont want

Organization of the conference

The conference is hosted by the Department of Development Studies, University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway, in collaboration with the Research Group Climate and Security (CLISEC), KlimaCampus, University of Hamburg, Germany. Limited funds are available to support selected scholars from developing countries. The conference is supported by the Research Council of Norway and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Steering committee

Christian Webersik (University of Agder), Jürgen Scheffran, P. Michael Link, Jasmin Kominek (all CLISEC, KlimaCampus Hamburg), Michael Brzoska (Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy Hamburg), Janpeter Schilling (Colgate University), Ole Magnus Theisen (PRIO), Ilan Kelman (CICERO). 



Centre of Development Studies
University of Agder
Gimlemoen 25
N-4604 Kristiansand

Dr. Christian Webersik (christian.webersik[at]

Research Group Climate Change and Security
KlimaCampus Hamburg
Center for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Hamburg
Bundesstrasse 53
D-20146 Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheffran (juergen.scheffran[at]
Dr. P. Michael Link ([at]



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